Crowd Funding

How a little can go a long way.


Getting your idea designed, prototyped and engineered – as well as having to fund manufacturers’ tooling costs and so on – can mean costs quickly mount up. Whilst a good design house will be mindful of budgets and aim to keep costs on track, a complex design or project requiring R&D can push costs beyond the means of the self-funder.

Enter the new concept of crowdfunding – the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Crowdfunding allows you to get investment for your project without the need to give away shares or rights to IP. Standard formats involve pre-selling the finished product, giving you the funding you need while also providing an established customer base for your product upon completion.

To prepare for crowdfunding, meaningful designs and prototypes will be needed to demonstrate credibility to prospective investors. At CADceptual Design, we specialise in concept design, the process of taking an idea to a solution in 3D. Form, function and manufacturing processes are all considered to ensure delivery of realistic 3D images that will help you garner interest and investment in your product.


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