A complete turnkey solution, taking a manual test rig from concept to fully automated machine.

CADceptual Design was approached by Ceramex Ltd, who needed to take their newly patented cleaning process from a manual development test rig to a fully automated, PLC-controlled, safe and attractive machine.

The machine needed the ability to handle the many different makes and models of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) available on today’s market. The process is simple, using a mixture of air, pressure, water and heat. But for successful cleaning, we needed to meet the challenges of designing the control system to deliver the right quantity in sequence and duration for each DPF type and cycle.

Services Delivered

  • Innovation and concept development
  • Design & technical engineering
  • Turnkey production & build
  • Procurement & supply change management

Work Flow

  • Requirements capture
  • Concept visuals
  • Concept development
  • Electronics & electrical design
  • Testing & analysis
  • Build services


With the skills and capability to provide our clients with complete design, manufacture and build solutions at one location, our clients are able to deal with just one company. This significantly simplifies the process, reduces the time and cost of reporting/overseeing the project, contains risk and promotes clear accountability and ownership of the end product.

Value Added

Our client has placed the Flexpurge into our continuous improvement programme, which aims to continually improve the design, reduce build time, improve the machine functionality and usability, and drive down machine cost.

This programme also allows new technology to be integrated as it becomes available, enables component obsolescence to be resolved and integrates client and customer feedback driving the next machine iteration. 


“Ceramex has worked closely with CADceptual since the end of 2011. Their original remit was to re-design one of our existing filter cleaning machines, making improvements in performance and service ability. The results of the work were exceptional and produced detailed design drawings and bill of materials, whilst all the time working to a very high standard and commitment.

“Following on from this, a complete project was given to CADceptual to design and build a completely new machine for cleaning filters. This they did, producing detailed conceptual designs and then finished drawings and finally the finished built machine. During all of the processes CADceptual gave a professional and a can-do attitude.”

Martin Bowler, Project Engineer, Ceramex Ltd


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