Technical Guides

Technical Guides

The technical information zone has been developed to contain the fundamental design information, which a designer would need to access on a regular basis, such as material specifications, limits & fits or bolt torques.

Bolt Torque, Bolt Strength & Lengths

Covers Bolt Torque Tables, Thread Lengths on Standard Bolts and Bolt Strength Data Tables.

Download PDF [111.11K]

Complete Fixing Guide

Metric Screw Head details
Screw Head M/C detail - Counterbores, CSK etc
Washer Data - Plain, Shakeproof
Nut Data - Full, Stiff, lock etc
Torx heads - Pan, CSK

Download PDF [399.91K]

Socket Head Shoulder Screw Standard Size Table

Socket Head Shoulder Screw Standard Size Table

Standard Socket Head Shoulder Screw Length Table

Download PDF [138.39K]


B.S. Limits of Tolerance - H7, g6

Selected Fits - Clearence, Transtion & Interference

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