Handheld Teaching Device

From concept development and design to market and trend analysis.

With no form, style or HF & E requirements available, we guided our customer through concept workshops to capture the design input and carry out market and trend analysis on a new handheld teaching device.

Our engineering and industrial design team produced ten product variations and supporting photo-realistic renders for customer approval.

Services Provided

  • Innovation & concept development
  • Design & technical engineering
  • Prototyping & product optimisation

Work Flow

  • Requirements capture
  • Concept visuals
  • Human factors & ergonomics
  • DFM & DFA
  • Build support equipment


Our industrial design background enabled us to be creative, taking minimal input and realising a stylish, functional and fit-for-purpose product.

Our ability to drive the latest CAD platforms enables us to generate complex and stylish forms, whilst our extensive injection moulding experience and knowledge of high-volume manufacturing techniques ensure we also deliver functionally and financially.

Value Added

Our client, whilst strong on electronic design, was struggling to define mechanical, appearance and HF & E requirements for the final product.

The CADceptual Design workshop provided support from our product engineers and industrial designers to define top-level requirements, generate freehand sketches in real-time for discussion, and produce a mood board to kick-off their project.

In addition to the product itself, we designed and manufactured a recharging/programming unit that would be sited in the classroom. At the end of the lesson, up to 24 units could be loaded into the unit. The software identified the product, data-logged the answers into a spreadsheet for marking and recharged the products ready for the next lesson.


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