High Temp Endurance Rig

Delivering bespoke solutions, designed from the ground up.

Following on from the success of delivering two Flexpurge machines for Ceramex, sister company Teconnex engaged us to design and build a high-temperature heat rig. 

The purpose of the rig is to apply the extremes of 'in-service' operational conditions to a range of V-band clamps, ensuring they support the qualification criteria and don’t prematurely fail.

The PLC programme controls the temperature, force, direction of force and frequency variables, whilst the onboard control systems, feed-back loops and sensors monitor for movement/slip of the clamp, halting the test if either exceeds the values laid down by the test programme.

During the test, the PLC will periodically record forces and temperatures. The integrated thermal camera will take images and data-log those to validate the conformance of the clamp or investigate the root causes and contributory factors of any failures.

Services Delivered

  • Innovation & concept development
  • Design & technical engineering
  • Prototyping & product optimisation
  • Turnkey production & build

Work Flow

  • Requirements capture
  • Proof of concept
  • Mechanical design & engineering
  • Electronics & electrical design
  • DFM & DFA
  • Build services
  • CE marking & commissioning


We designed our own PLC control for the machine, to enable complex test procedures to be carried out intuitively. Cutting edge camera software was integrated, backed up by extensive data logging.

Value Added

With all our projects, we generate full documentation, drawing packs, circuit diagrams and PLC programmes which we make available to our clients. This enables them to either keep design, modification and revision control at CADceptual, or take it under their own control.

For this project, we facilitated the CE marking process, wrote the safety manuals for the product, supported staff training and integrating the new product into the business, and helped fulfil the client’s HSE requirement.


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