Piezo Welding Rig

A major product design and development contract.

CADceptual Design won a major contract with Servocell, designing and supplying a production solution to spotweld piezo components for use within their OEM products.

Drawing on our special purpose machinery background and experience of managing turnkey projects, we were able to take on the complete project and address the many technical challenges surrounding it.

The component size, handling of delicate laminated materials, 1000 welds per shift throughput, plus the 10 micron accuracy level required to position a 0.65mm diameter electrode centrally onto a 1.2mm x 0.9mm tab, dictated the use of some specialised and diverse hardware, and shaped the complexity of the design.

To cater for piezo tab variations, a three-camera vision system was deployed to capture any errors in true position of the electrode tab. Software was used to adjust the servo-driven linear slides in the X, Y & Z axis accordingly. The software would then re-check the component to ensure the welding process had been successfully performed and the spot weld was within positional tolerance.

Real-time diagnostics and component profiles could be accessed from the operator display screen, and the onboard PC enabled software manipulation when required.

Services Delivered

  • Innovation & concept development
  • Design & technical engineering
  • Prototyping & product optimisation
  • Turnkey production & build

Work flow

  • Requirements capture
  • Concept development
  • Mechanical design & engineering
  • Electronics & electrical design
  • DFM & DFA
  • Testing & analysis
  • Build services


Our years of industry exposure and links with specialist suppliers enable us to bring in expertise when required to access the most up-to-date technology and deliver the best solutions.

Our ability to converse freely with our suppliers to outline the requirements, understand the technology and how it can be integrated into the overall solution, significantly reduces project time and risk.

Value Added

We designed the end-solution with the HF & E requirements needed to ensure the equipment can be used effortlessly and for long periods of time in the high-volume production environment. The client also wanted the solution to be flexible, so we designed a modular system that could be reconfigured to suit the different production plant layouts, as well as enabling the system to be scaled up or down to cater for changes in product demand..


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