External Resourcing

Saving money is important to any company, no matter how big or small. With external resourcing, you could lower costs while maintaining production levels.


External resourcing is a divisive issue, but research shows there are more pros than cons. The most important factor is your bottom line. Rather than trying to keep everything in-house, partnering with external resource providers, or ‘outsourcing’ (I can hear the sharp intakes of breath amongst my network now), can save you up to 60% on operational costs.

If your project list is growing but you aren’t able to hire more full-time staff, using a mechanical design firm to handle some of your projects can help with balancing the workload. The time you free up can be used to provide better service to your customers, shorten deadlines, decrease overhead costs and increase productivity among your employees. If your team are able to focus on their job, rather than having to take on additional duties, they can work better and more efficiently. And when they’re working better, you’re able to complete projects faster and may be able to take on more. More projects equals more profit.

Outsourcing work to a mechanical design services firm means you won’t have to hire additional employees. You’ll save money on full-time salaries, insurance, pension costs and the other benefits your staff may receive. You may also be able to keep office space to a minimum, because you won’t need additional desks for more staff.

For example, if you need help with the initial conversion and rendering of a design that your team has already created, leave it to an expert to convert your drawings into a digital format. Your employees can use that time to begin new projects, giving you an advantage over other companies in your industry. If you’re able to shorten the turnaround on a project, you can increase your output.

When you have more time, your team are able to provide better customer service to your clients. The best foundation for any company is being known for outstanding service. Your clients will appreciate the extra time you can devote to them and will probably recommend you to other people in the industry. Word-of-mouth marketing is often the best and most reliable form of advertising. If you’re providing first-rate service to your clients and they’re letting others know about it, you won’t have to spend money on advertising.

If you need mechanical design resource, consider outsourcing your projects to CADceptual Design Ltd. We offer extensive product development and design services, utilising multiple CAD software platforms, including SolidWorks Designer, Pro Engineer Designer and Inventor.


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