Providing first-rate automotive design and engineering solutions.

Our industry exposure and engineering background enables us to support automotive, industrial and agricultural equipment companies, as well as first-tier suppliers with mechanical engineering solutions

The CADceptual Design team applies sound design and engineering principles to produce products and systems that meet demanding operational and environmental requirements. Our understanding of DFM & DFA techniques satisfies the high-volume, cost-conscious nature of this sector.

With a range of Analysis Services, we’re able to provide the FEA, CFD and thermal analysis verification to ensure the performance criteria and stringent safety legalisation requirements are met. Where additional validation is required, we can design, manufacture and build test and endurance rigs to place the components or systems through their extremes ahead of the costly downstream roll-out.

Our services have covered:

  • Blocks, sumps, rocker covers, oil filter support, water pump housing design
  • Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) systems
  • Liquid Elastomer Gaskets
  • Custom rally sport dashboard indicators
  • Band clamp high-temp, high-load endurance rigs

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