Supplying product design solutions to meet the demands of the fast-moving and highly competitive consumer goods sector.

Succeeding in the challenging consumer goods market with strong product design means delivering on many levels. Our team fuse sound electro mechanical, electronic and PCB design with high-volume DFM and DFA principles to realise functional, stylish, well-built and financially viable products.

We were employed by a major electrical goods manufacturer to integrate their new piezo technology into a range of MCB, RCD and socket products. The lower piezo forces, susceptibility to vibrations and limited space drove the internal mechanism design. The need to incorporate a low-friction, optically clear light pipe required use of our extensive injection moulding design experience.

Working closely with our moulder to define the feed and vent position, we were able to optimise material flow and push any inclusions away from the light pipe area, supporting our client to a successful product launch.

You’ll find more examples of our work in consumer product development on our Case Studies page.