Medical and Orthopaedic

Delivering expert product design and engineering skill and expertise in medical device development.

The complex medical device product development process throws up many challenges. With our comprehensive experience in 3D prototyping and modelling, CADceptual Design was able to meet the demands of a major orthopaedic equipment manufacturer to create a range of 3D hip and knee prosthesis.

Advanced modelling and surfacing techniques were used to create the complex forms while robust relations and family tables were used to drive the large size variations needed in each product range.

We were subsequently employed by another medical device supplier to resolve issues on a prototype infusion pump, used to administer medication to critical care patients.

Our engineering and mechanism experience benefited us greatly in evaluating the prototype hardware to understand the root cause of the problem areas. We were able to resolve the underlying issues through a combination of re-design, changes in materials and manufacturing processes, while introducing DFA techniques to improve build quality.

Re-evaluating the infusion pump ensured that it conformed to the parameters laid down in the functional specification and met the rigorous safety protocols.