Meeting the technical, operational and ergonomic challenges of the telecoms industry with electro and mechanical design solutions.

Drawing on our extensive experience, CADceptual Design was employed to design an electro mechanical interface between our client’s diagnostic mainframe to the individual integrated circuit (IC) on silicon wafers.

Through site visits with the end user, Siemens in Munich, we were able to understand the technical, operational and ergonomic challenges within their production facilities that drove us to design a lightweight, modular interface that accepted custom Device Under Test (DUT) rings, so one interface could be used to test any wafer configuration.

This innovative approach and ease of operation resulted in our interface solution being rolled out as Siemens' worldwide platform.

We were later employed by a leading wireless communications company to productionise a range of base station RF filters and Diplexers. Replacing castings with sheet metal enclosures, we utilised toy tags and flow soldering to significantly reduce material cost and final assembly time.

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