Design Guides

Design Guides

Branding And Marketing

In todays market, having the best product does not guarantee its success. Companies do not spend thousands of pounds on product branding and marketing for the fun of it, so ensure you understand its importance early on!

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Cost Reduction Strategies

It is not uncommon for product costs to escalate, especially when the focus is centred around developing a new product and overcoming technical challenges, however, there are some cost reduction strategies that can enable you to drive down the product cost before the product hits the market, increase your profit margin or reducing the part UPC and improving its market attractiveness!

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Designing A Product

Before carrying out any product design it is important to start from a known base, then you can identify what needs to be achieved, so you focus your time and money effectively. No point designing a product no one wants, or one that is technically inferior or more expensive than your competition, or importantly you design a product with no profit margin!

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ECO Design

There is a lot of debate around the virtue of anything Eco, however, if you can incorporate some Eco Design elements within your design cycle, cost effectively, then you could produce a better socially responsible product that may give you the edge over your competition!

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Inventors Guide

Coming up with a good idea is sometimes the easy bit, but turning that idea into something that resembles a product, navigating yourself through the patent process, identifying the route-to-market, and securing the financing to get the product on shelf is not so easy! 

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